Accessibility Consulting

The firm has been engaged in accessibility since 2001 and is involved in a variety of consulting and planning projects. We all so specializes in urban space accessibility design and mass transit systems.

Architect Joshua Zifrut is an authorized Accessibility consultant (buildings infrastructure and environment).

Some of the firm's activities:

  • Accessibility consultant for the municipality of Tel Aviv- 2001-2006.
  • Accessibility and planning consultant for the National Insurance Institute – development of services for the disabled foundation- 2006.
  • Accessibility consultant for the green line ( light rail) central section.
  • Advisory member in the standards institute.
  • Transverse consulting to Ayalon Highways, streets, bridges, segregation levels, urban development and more.
  • Transverse consulting for BRT project.

Today, Accessibility consulting is done through the company Accessible Environment.

 accessible environment website